Wine + paint = Sassy Paints

Last night I hung out with Sir Travelsalot. We went to Sassy Paints in Downtown Greenville for a BYOB painting class. This wasn’t my first class, but it was my first time with this particular place. However, it was a first for Sir Travelsalot and he was a little worried about painting our pictures in 2 hours with no prior painting history. Too bad he was a little under the weather, he couldn’t have a glass of wine to calm his nerves. I probably had enough for the both of us anyway, drinking my bottle of Apothic Red. 

If you’ve never taking one of these classes, I definitely suggest it. I find them kind of relaxing. The instructor tell you exactly what to do in a step by step process from mixing colors to what brush to use. Our instructor for the evening was very peppy. I think her name was Elizabeth. She was very good, just talked a little fast during some parts. 
Below are pictures from our class:










His finished product!!

Me with mine!!!

After art class, we went to Rick Erwin’s for a quick bite to eat because I was a little hungry. RE is probably one of my favorite restaurants, so I was a little surprised when he suggested it. I’m not going to do a big review on this visit, I had the sliders off of the bar menu. Sir Travelsalot had the appetizer size scallops and we shared some chips, which he says are amazing when hot. 


2 responses to “Wine + paint = Sassy Paints

  1. Welcome! I have not heard of With Love and Confection but I juat checked out your Facebook page and it looks ah-mazing. I will have to make a trip to check you out. I have a weakness for sweets.


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