Weekend Recap

The weekend is already over! I can’t believe it. Those two days flew by and I didn’t even have to work. Saturday I ran a few errands and slept the day away until it was time to go to dinner with Mr Homewrecker at Rare, which was a little disappointing. After dinner, I came home and went back to sleep. Yea, I know! I can’t believe it either. 

Sunday, I went to the church house, bless God for that! Pastah Robe talked about how God uses negative situations in your life to draw you closer to Him. My afternoon was filled with working on the new updates for the page. I hope you like them, if not “I don’t care! I love it!” That’s been my song of the week, and probably the theme of my life. 
Sunday evening. I had dinner with Mrs Brûlée at American Grocery Restaurant. It was phenomenal! Good thing we had dinner in the West End, I had to attend the late boots Christmas party at Mac’s Speed shop right after. Apparently I like a good gathering!
My night ended at DT’s, my usual Sunday night spot, when I’m not at work. I had a blast! I usually don’t talk about people on here, but let me tell you! I met these 3 guys and some how they assumed I was the owner of Dixie’s Tavern. I’m really not sure how they figured that, but I went with it. I told one guy we do country nights on Thursday and dance and hip hop on Friday and Saturday nights. I ended up telling them I really don’t own Dixie’s Tavern, but they said I did a great job playing the part. 
Then I met this couple-very nice people. The lady was from here and her ascent said so. She let us know, her daughter just had a “baaaaaayby”. After a conversation with her husband about how great of a wife he has and how much he loves her. She proceeds to give me a kiss. I will be honest, I’ve kissed a stranger or three, but every time she came in for the kill I politely turned my head. She probably thought I was European, as I went from one cheek to the other. Then she proceeds to down my drink. I wasn’t upset, as I knew I didn’t need anymore, but I was shocked.
Well that was my weekend. I hope you had a good one as well. SC Restaurant week goes until Sunday, January 19. So be sure to check out a restaurant or two! 

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