A Rare Occasion- Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza

Well restaurant week started on Thursday for the state of South Carolina. Of course, I had to participate. I typically take this time to try out a new restaurant, but Mr. Homewrecker and I decided to go to Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza. 

I visited Rare back in June, when I took my dad for Father’s Day brunch. Neither of us were impressed. I figured SC Restaurant week was a good time to allow them to redeem themselves, plus I could check out the dinner menu. I was disappointed.
I had a champagne Cosmo and an orange blossom martini to drink. Both were very good. 
For my appetizer I had a Caesar salad. Mr Homewrecker ordered some crab stuffed mushrooms in addition to his fried green tomatoes. All were pretty good.



I had the blackened pork chop with caramelized onions and macaroni and cheese. The pork chop had an ok flavor but was dry and the macaroni and cheese could’ve used a little salt and pepper at least. 

Mr Homewrecker had the caramelized salmon with tomato-lime chutney and vegetable risotto. He gave me a little of it and, again, it just kind of lacked flavor. He didn’t really care for it either. 

I’m glad I can say I’ve tried both the brunch and dinner menus and can say I am just not a fan. I have a friend who loves it, so maybe in just catch them at bad times, and then again she just likes to eat. 

Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza on Urbanspoon


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