Slumber Party for the bestie

So Singin’ Spurg and I have been best friends since first grade. Bananas right?!? Well she turned 25 Saturday and I really wanted to do something special for her. I got all of her closest friends together and threw a slumber party. Way to relive childhood right? 

It was a blast. There were only 4 of us because the other 3 couldn’t come for various reasons but we still had fun. The slumber party was a surprise I told her we were going to hang out for the evening and to dress all cute. 
When she arrived at the hotel I asked her if she wanted her surprise right them or did she want to wait. I couldn’t wait so I gave her a Victoria Secret bag. She pulled out her gift, which was a onesie! I told her we were staying in for the night and having a slumber party.

I was the bartender for the evening and made my 1st tequila sunrise. It was quite pretty. 

We all just sat around talking and gossiping. You know, the usual thing you do amongst friends. We also played a game called THINGS. It is quite funny, especially when enduced with alcohol. We also had a champagne toast at midnight. We were all scared to pop the bottle open. 

This party made me want my birthday to get here soon. 


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