The beginning of Christmas Break!

Yay! I’m finally on Christmas break! Having some time away from work has really allowed me to have a little fun. 

Thursday night I got to see Avenue Q at the Warehouse Theater in Downtown Greenville. I had been planning this outing for a while, and of course when I went to get tickets they were sold out. I ended up just going to the theater before the show to be wait listed for any tickets that weren’t picked up. Ended up being a good idea!

Avenue Q is something like the adult version of Sesame Street, puppets and people interacting in the Avenue Q community. It is a must see if you love everything inappropriate! 
I took myself out to dinner and late night happy hour at The Cazbah after the show. I ended up running into some old friends. It’s always good to just catch up with people. 
Friday I woke up and took an impromptu trip to Asheville. I literally woke up, showered and got on the road. I really wanted to check out the gingerbread houses from the national gingerbread competition at the Grove Park Inn. Captain Seahorse and I went last year and it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t check the hours and wasn’t able to see them because they are only open to the public Monday through Friday. 
I ended up just hanging Downtown Asheville for a little while. The last time I was there I saw a restaurant named Farmburger that looked pretty cool, so I checked it out for my late lunch. (Review later)
I also went to a Christmas party. It was a blast! Every time someone came in they had to take a shot of moonshine at the door. I did get to catch up with an old pal Scooter. 

I think that catches you up for now. I’m sure I have a few adventures coming up this week. It wouldn’t be my life if I didn’t. Stay tuned. 

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