Weekend Recap- The Village of West Greenville

Oh my goodness, how this week has flown by! I haven’t even told you about my weekend. Let me start out by telling you it was filled with little sleep, which is probably why I’m sick now. 

Saturday, Singing Spurge and I went to the Village of West Greenville to check out the Holiday Indie Craft Festival at Midtown Artery. It was my first time and actually quite cool. They had vendors selling all sorts of things from handmade bowties and pocket squares by The Cordial Churchman to handcrafted stationary. 

I, of course, couldn’t leave without buying something so I bought a bowtie from The Cordial Churchman to give my little cousin as a Christmas gift. It is quite adorable.
We also checked out a vintage pop-up shop. We found lots of cool items there. Singing Spurge saw these cute Oxford shoes but they didn’t have her size. 

Inside the pop-up up shop, we grabbed some cupcakes from The Chubby Cupcake. They had all sorts of flavors and even had cupcake pushpops. I had the peppermint mocha, fantastic chocolate cake with a minty icing. Yuuuummmmm! 

My day ended being called into work for a couple of hours and grabbing dinner and drinks at The Velo Fellow with Mrs Brûlée. 

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