The Southern Fellow meets the Velo Fellow

So I bought a groupon months ago for The Velo Fellow. I had heard great things about this place, but never had the chance to go. I figured if I bought the groupon, I’d kind of be forced to go before it expired. 

The Velo Fellow is located in Downtown Greenville’s West End under the Mellow Mushroom. It is a small place that gave me the feel of an old English pub. The menu is on this wooden binder of sorts-quite interesting to be honest. 
For an appetizer we had the fried green tomatoes, which we were told were one of the favorites. They were really good and came with a ball of pimento cheese on the side. 

For my entree, I had the blackened medallions with loaded mashed potatoes as my side. The steak was cooked medium and was very tender and tasted so good. The potatoes were delicious as well with pieces of real bacon in them, cheese and sour cream! 

This was definitely not a waste of a groupon! I have to go back and check some other things out like figs and chips and of course shepherd’s pie.

The Velo Fellow on Urbanspoon

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