Gift Guide for the lady

So guys, I did a little shopping for you and came up with a few great gift ideas.

1 Boots

Women love shoes! Booties, riding boots, rain boots, pretty much if it has boot in it, it is probably a key item for winter.
These are made by Sperry, but I found these pink ones at J Crew!

Tory Burch! Who doesn’t love a good quilting?


Tory Burch
2 Watch

Rosegold Michael Kors watch! I love rosegold! 
3 Designer Handbag

No, the knock off Fendi bag at the flea market won’t work! She didn’t buy you a drill that fell to pieces upon screwing your first screw with it! 
Michael Kors Jetset saffiano tote-seems to be a favorite on the streets-can’t really go wrong.

Coach Borrough bag- great for the working woman and mom! Very sophisticated and classy!

I said it in my guy’s guide and I’ll say it now, I love colorblock! The Kate Spade beau. It also comes in solid colors. 
*Note to those who decided to go this route: These are only suggestions. Your special lady probably has a preferred style (crossbody, shoulder bag, satchel, etc) take note of what she carries and how. It’ll make your trip to the store easier and you and your sales associate can thank me later.

4 Jewelry

They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I’m sure you’ll make her Christmas extra special with sterling silver, pearls and higher end costume jewelry.

Tiffany’s Miniture beaded bracelet

Handpicked- Sterling heart bracelet (get it engraved with something special)

Handpicked- monogram necklace 

5 Cape

No, guys it’s not what Superman and Batman wore. It’s a classic winter piece.

Banana Republic- colorblock cape

Ann Taylor- colorblock cape

Cute items she will love

Marc Jacobs perfume gift set- purse sprays

Kate Spade “Geek Chic” earmuffs

Swoozies- Monogrammed wine to-go cup

Swoozies- Lily Pulitzer agenda (cute idea: write in date nights through out the year along with important dates)

J Crew trouser socks

Kate Spade polka dot stockings 
Both of you benefit from this! Keeps your wine corked and chilled.

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