Thanksgiving Break!

Time is going by so fast! I swear I was just in Atlanta for Halloween and seeing John Legend and it’s the end of the month already! I felt a post on Thanksgiving about everything I’m thankful for was a bit too cliché, so I didn’t do one. Please know I am thankful for my family, friends and each one of you who read my posts.
So let me catch you up on my life! I’m on my Thanksgiving break from work. It started Wednesday and isn’t suppose to end until Tuesday, but I’m a workaholic and will return Monday. I haven’t been up to much in the last few days because I’ve been carless, so to speak.
Wednesday morning I went to breakfast at Memo’s with a couple of coworkers and upon trying to leave I had the worst morning EVER! My steering wheel was locked, so my key wouldn’t turn in the ignition. I didn’t know I needed to turn the wheel and then the key to unlock it so I broke my key. (Don’t laugh it’s not funny!) Well after I called my mom and ahe let me in on the secret to unlock my steering wheel, my car wouldn’t start. I thought I might have run out of gas, so I walked to the gas station in what started out as rain, then sleet, then snow. Terrible right? Yes, it was awful! 
After buying a gas can and filling it with gas I walk back, pour it in the tank thinking I was going to be on my way home and to my surprise, my car didn’t start still. I had to get it towed and I’m waiting on the verdict. I hope it’s nothing terrible. Luckily, my family has started buying these extra cars for emergencies and such.

That’s my car key now! (Don’t laugh!!!)
So considering I have a part time job in retail, I’m sure you know I wasn’t off my entire Thanksgiving break. I actually worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday-Thanks whoever said “oh let’s open at 8 Thanksgiving night because “they” are doing it.”
Anyway, my Thanksgiving day started out being woken up by my sister. Bless her heart, she missed me. We cut up all day! If you want to see 2 peas in a pod act a fool, catch us together-never a dull moment! 

Of course, my afternoon was filled with food and family. If I didn’t have to work and my sister didn’t have to leave, alcohol and shopping would’ve been in the mix.

So the lady in the blue shirt is my mom, by the way, not my other sister. She tries to stay under the radar of the blog posts.
Well that’s pretty much it besides, “Black Friday” at the store. It wasn’t that bad. I thought it was stupid to be open at 8 pm, but whatevs. I did do a little shopping myself, Friday evening. The girls at work said I’m an epic shopper and I have them all beat. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but I did allow them to talk me out of some things, which I’m sure I’ll grab later.


See two small bags! And I had to order something because it wasn’t available in store.
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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