Brunch time!

Sunday, I met my old friend Mr Homewrecker for brunch at Nantucket Seafood Grill in downtown Greenville. It was kind of an overdue hangout. 

Nantucket is apart if the Rick Erwin Dining Group, along with Rick Erwin’s West End Grill and Rick Erwin’s Deli and Market. All three are some of my favorite restaurants in Greenville. Nantucket is located on the first floor of the Courtyard Hotel across from the Peace Center. 
I have eaten at Nantucket quite a few times for dinner, but this was my first time for brunch. I knew I was in for some fantastic food. 
Mr Homewrecker and I both had the Blue Crab Omelette. I had mine with grits and he had the potatoes. It was absolutely amazing. I, of course, had a couple of mimosas to drink, white Mr Homewrecker had a Bloody Mary. It looked quite delicious with the shrimp hanging over the side and a piece of bacon sticking out of the top, but I just couldn’t bring myself to taste it. I should’ve taken a picture!

Our waitress also brought us a sample of the brunch punch. She said it tasted a little like sangria. She was right, just a little like sangria. You get a hint of a wine, with a touch of fruit juices. Mr Homewrecker and I both felt it needed something. St Germaine maybe? That seems to be my fix for everything. 
I definitely cannot wait to go back. There was a salmon something I wanted to try, and I’ll have to get the brunch punch with St Germaine and let you know if I was right. 

Nantucket Seafood Grill on Urbanspoon

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