Bad Daddy’s and my girls

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar on UrbanspoonLast night, I went out with my girls, Lady K and Layla, for dinner at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. 

Bad Daddy’s is a new burger restaurant to the Greenville restaurant scene with other locations spread through out parts of North Carolina. The Greenville location is located on Woodruff Road in Magnolia Park beside Jared’s.
 The menu is mainly burgers, but they also have a build your own salad menu. They do serve a variety of beer, including Thomas Creek and RJ Rockers. They also have a small signature cocktail menu, which I noticed most of the drinks are made with lemons or lemonade. 
I had the Frenchie, a turkey burger with bacon and grilled apples, with tater tots. It was very good. The apples really added a surprising flavor to it. The tater tots were quite delicious as well. I also tried one of the signature cocktails, the bad daddy dragonfruit something. (Sorry I don’t remember the name) it wasn’t my favorite. The girls described it as tasting like diet lemonade.

Layla had the chicken club, which they allowed her to get fried. She said it was really good, but couldn’t eat it all. She was a little under the weather. 
Lady K had the Nick’s Patty Melt. I never really found out how it was because her order was all wrong. She ordered fries and got tots. She also asked for her sandwich to be cooked with no pink and had quite a bit of pink in it. We don’t typically send food back, but we did this time. Our waitress was very understanding and switched her order for her. 

Overall it was a good experience, very cool atmosphere. I will definitely be going back to try some other sandwiches and the milkshakes once it gets a little warmer.

2 responses to “Bad Daddy’s and my girls

  1. I usually appreciate your reviews I've read and have depended upon several in choosing new places to dine. I guess you and I just have differing opinions on what makes a GOOD burger. In my book, Bad Daddy's should place the emphasis on “bad.”


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