My boo Netflix!

Hello world! I haven’t been up to much of anything except hanging out with friends. I’ve been slacking on my whole picture taking thing, and obviously blogging. My post today is a little different than the usual. I have to tell you about my new relationship with Netflix.

Now I’ve had an account with Netflix for like 8 months now, maybe logged on twice between opening the account and a month ago. Now, I have quite a few people that will agree I am not one to get into many shows, but Scandal has become a regular weekly activity. The drama of it all and the suspense of what Ms Shonda has up her sleeve from show to show, just keeps me coming back for more.

I also watched a documentary called Bridegroom. It is about a gay man and how he dealt with his partner’s death. It really is a tragic story. I have a heart of ice, so I hear and I shed A tear. Yes, just one, don’t go thinking I’m a big ole softy. Not to ruin the story, if you choose to check it out, but it starts off talking about his childhood and him growing up and being picked on for being a homosexual. Then it talks about how he moved to California,  met this wonderful guy and after years of them being together, growing together,  and helping each other through good times and bad, his life changed.

Here is a YouTube video to tell the story, but check out the movie too,

I am slowly becoming fans of people. Daryll Stephens happens to be one of them. I watched a movie with him in it a couple of weeks ago called Boy Culture. Crazy story about a hustler, who is in love with his roommate/friend but he is afraid to show emotion and connect with people because he is uncertain of the outcome. To be honest, it kind of reminded me of myself.  No I’m not a whoooore! I just like to be in control, or at least have a 97% chance of knowing what is going to happen. Great movie though, check it out!

During my latest rendezvous with Netflix I watched a show (what’s the  difference between a show and a series?) called DTLA. It is about a group of friends living in LA, homo and hetero, and how their lives change in a matter of weeks (I’m assuming). Daryll Stephens’ character Lenny is probably who I connected with most. It was kind of weird,  because I really understood his situation.  Plus, I’m kind of a hopeless romantic and the romantic connections make my heart lukewarm.  In case you decide to check this one out, it is a tad bit graphic.

Well, I must get some rest. Maybe I’ll try to do a friday 5 soon! Have a good week!

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