Ms Mary Mac’s and all of her southerness

“Miss Mary Mac Mac Mac all dressed in black black black with silver buttons buttons buttons all down her back back back…” are the words to a popular children’s song that pop into my head every time I think of Mary Mac’s Tearoom in midtown Atlanta. I had lunch there on my recent weekend trip and it was quite fantastic. 

Mary Mac’s is the only “tea room” still operating in Atlanta, out of the 16 that were open throughout the 50s and 60s and still boast of great food and traditional southern hospitality. 
I was a bit overwhelmed by the menu at first, being a southern fellow, I obviously love my southern food. After making what I felt would be the biggest decision of the day, I went with the barbecue ribs with macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoe souffle. As an appetizer I took the waitress’ up on her offer of the complimentary pot likker served with cornbread. It was delicious and I’m not much of a soup or cornbread eater.

My ribs were nice and tender. I wasn’t a fan of the sauce, something about it just didn’t excite me. The sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese were delicious as well. 


As you can see there was a lot of food. I didn’t finish it all at the restaurant, but it did make for a great midnight snack. So be sure to check out Mary Mac’s Tearoom the next time you are in Atlanta

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