Weekend Recap

So, this weekend was suppose to be kind of boring. I was on-call at work Saturday evening, so planning something was out of the question. I had a few things as options, nothing I could set in stone. 

Option number 1 was to hang out in Atlanta, Georgia with my friend Farrah, from DC. We met when I was a freshman at Howard about 6 years ago and have been in touch ever since. He was visiting Atlanta for the weekend. He is quite a hoot!
Option number 2 was to just do my usual and hang around town, maybe go see Bad Grandpa-that’s why the weekend was going to be boring. So obviously, a quick trip to Atlanta was what I did.
Farrah and I hung out at Atlantic Station for the evening, going in store after store looking for a black clutch or handbag with silver hardware-Farrah is a drag queen on the side, by the way. We didn’t have much luck. 

We ended up at some terrible restaurant because they didn’t have a wait. The bartender was a little slow and didn’t make good drinks. Her bar backer (I think that’s what her assistant is called, right?)…ummm I actually have no words got her. She was just a mess! I had the bacon burger, that was mediocre at best.

It was a good time, catching up with an old friend. It was good to see he hadn’t changed much, besides the grey hair growing in slowly. 
Sunday, I didn’t have any plans either- just church and wherever the wind blew me after that. 

After church, I found out my aunt from Atlanta and her son were in town. My family decided to congregate at my house and then we went shoe shopping. Surprisingly, I didn’t find anything but everyone who did left with nothing they were looking for. 

After a brief nap, I decided to get up and meet my coworkers for a get together at Mac’s Speed Shop. The purpose of the get together was to celebrate a promotion of one of the managers. The weird thing was a little over a year ago, I was at Mac’s Speed Shop celebrating the promotion of our store manager. I guess Mac’s is the place to celebrate promotions. 

I had a blast! Although I don’t work in a stuffy environment, it was good to get to know everyone outside of work. It was also good to see people I had not met yet. 

Of course, after hanging out with my coworkers. I hit up my usual Sunday spot, DT’s. I saw a few familiar faces and helped a girl celebrate her 21st birthday with a shot! Poor thing, she did 6 shots of Bacardi 151 in less than 5 minutes. Needless to say she wasn’t at the bar very long. I’d say maybe 30 minutes before she was carried over the shoulder of her friend.

My scarf in the picture above is from Wilsons .05 and dime. Everyone at the bar loved it and thought it was from a clothing store. It cracked me up!

 Well, that was my not so boring weekend. I have a short week ahead, only working 3 nights! Pretty sure I have some great stuff in store for you guys coming up!

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