Fall, why must you make leaves fall?

It’s FALL!!! Yes, I know it’s been fall for like a month, but I haven’t done anything fall-like until about 45 minutes ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything fun like going to the pumpkin patch or apple picking-both were on my agenda. I raked leaves, sort of.

I am not the go and play in the yard type of guy. I’m down with most outdoor activities, if they are fun, but I despise yard work! I hated it even when I was a young lad. I’d purposely make sure I cut the grass early in the morning while it was still wet, so it would clog the lawn mower and “not work”. I’ve always said I would have a condo in an urban environment or find a partner who doesn’t mind doing yard work to avoid it.
So when I was asked to get the leaves up, you can only imagine my dismay, but I’m a good son and took care of it. Unfortunately, one of the few times I didn’t find a way to not do yard work, I somehow end up with the worst equipment EVER!
I started out with 1 broken rake and a whole rake. 

About 20 minutes in, I had 2 broken rakes.
I guess that’s karma for me.
I did finish the job, just took a while longer than planned, because the yard guy was so nice and blew all of the leaves in 1 long row. I just needed to load them onto the trailer.

I am having a great week. I hope you are too!


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