Mimosas, tacos and my other family…I’ll take it!

I didn’t have a weekend worth blogging about, at least I don’t think I did. I worked a little, slept a little, and went out a little. I did have a fantastic brunch at The Local Taco though. 

I have a very good friend, Hollywood, who I call my brother from my other mother. We’ve been friends since the sixth grade-long time, I know! He was visiting from Birmingham, Alabama, to see that massacre of Clemson from Florida State with his wife. We usually try to see each other for coffee or lunch or something during his visits. This time it was lunch/brunch with his wife, mom, grandma and mom’s best friend. 
We had an amazing time sharing stories and catching up on times that we had missed in each others lives. When I left, I called another friend and told her it really did my heart some good to see them and spend that time with them.
You can probably guess what I had to drink. I don’t do bloody Mary’s, so the only other option to drink at brunch is a mimosa, right? It was good, the poor waitress didn’t know if she could get me one, but double checked before saying yes. Hollywood had one as well, after confusing her and telling her he wanted a mimosa like margarita-there’s no such thing by the way.
The Local Taco has a special brunch menu on Sundays, in addition to the regular menu. I had the salmon taco and the steak and egg taco from the brunch menu. Both were very delicious and I loved the fresh ingredients! We also had chips with queso, guacamole and salsa. The guace was very good, I even ate some which I don’t usually do. 

Well, I think that’s it for the day. I’m heading to Atlanta next week to see John Legend in concert, and I will just so happen to be there for Halloween. I’m sure I’ll have some good reads for you soon!


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