Oui oui! -Passerelle Bistro

I finally got a chance to check out Passerelle Bistro. I am so glad I was not disappointed. I think to really take advantage of the view and atmosphere, it is best to go early in the evening before the sun goes down. We sat outside on the patio and would’ve had a great view of the falls had it not been dark.

To drink I had the Black Rose and the Kir-peche. Both were absolutely delicious! I also had a chance to get a sip of the Belgian orange blossom and the B and B. Belgian orange blossom was good, but not a favorite of mine. 
For an appetizer I ordered the smoked salmon-potato croquettes. They were absolutely delightful, of course I was nice and shared them with my friends and they enjoyed them as well. 
I ordered the hanger steak cooked medium for my entree and it was delicious. I love a steak that just melts in your mouth and it did just that. I did get to try the three cheese crepes and they were phenomenal. My friend, Kandy, had the berry and beats salad and she added chicken. It is not on the menu, but it is an option. She loved it!

Our waiter was great, very knowledgable and made very good recommendations. This place is definitely worth another visit.

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