Weekend Recap

I know this is a tad bit late, but better late than never, right?

I have to say, I had a pretty fantastic weekend. Before I left work on Thursday, it was suggested to me that I should check out a show on ABC called Scandal. I heard great things about it and have seen people’s comments on Facebook and Twitter, as well as watched Funky Dineva’s videos about it on YouTube. You’d think after all of that I would’ve jumped on the bandwagon long before this weekend. Long story short, I didn’t have anything to do Saturday, so I decided to check out an episode and was hooked! As of this morning, I am caught up to date with the series. If you haven’t checked the show out, I recommend it. 
For at least a year now I have been trying to check out First Fridays in the Village of West Greenville. I finally made it on Friday. I went alone but it was still fun. From 6pm until 9pm people wander around the Village checking out Artist studios and galleries. Friday night, Asada Food Truck was there, as well as a pop up shop and a couple of musical groups playing on the corners. Great idea for a cheap date or just to do something cool and different.

First Friday was followed by a disappointing dinner at 21 East. I really wanted some of their parmesan truffle fries and when I got them, they were cold. I hate when I want something and then I get it it and it’s not right.

In between my Scandal marathon, I had dinner at Cazbah in downtown Greenville. I had not been in a while. It was just an ok experience, nothing special. After dinner I did a little bar hopping downtown with my friend Singing Spurge and her friend Mary Elizabeth. We had a blast! 
Sunday, I missed church again, quite bummed, and continued on with my Scandal marathon. I also met Cali-N-te and Kandi at Passerelle Bistro for dinner. It was so good to see them, since we don’t work together anymore. I’ll have to give you a review of dinner later.

Dinner led to a little fun at Jack n’ Diane’s, the dueling piano bar downtown. Not only was this my first time at Jack n’ Diane’s, but it my first time in a dueling piano bar. It was a blast! If you’ve never been to a dueling piano bar, imagine a giant singalong with strangers and drinks. To make this experience even better, all drinks are half off on Sundays. 

I had plans to check out Oktoberfest in NOMA Square this weekend, but Scandal got in the way. I hope you had a great weekend!

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