Weekend Recap

I had a pretty good weekend. I finally got my hair cut,  which I try to do every 2 weeks but I’ve been so tired,  or lazy, I haven’t gone. I also got my house cleaned up.  Something else I have been meaning to do, but have been too lazy to do so.

As far as fun activities,  I was able to check stop by my cousin’s 40th birthday party before they left. I missed most of it because I had to work, but it was so good to see family that I don’t get to see on the regular basis.  After the party, I went to Bacon Bros for dinner.  It was fantastic as usual. I had the All American,  hotdog with brisket chili, onions and cheese. I forgot to take a picture, sorry. I then went home, fell asleep to wake uo at 4am and not fall asleep until 9. I ended up missing church, which I am mad about.

Sunday afternoon, I attended a wedding reception for a former manager of mine at Saphire Creek in Simpsonville. It was very nice and it was so good to catch up with former coworkers. It also gave me wedding fever,  but I have no one to marry so that should end quickly.  I did learn the biker shuffle. The bartender tood me it was her favorite dance. I’m going to need to work on it a little before the next party though.

The weekend ended hanging out downtown at DT’s with a friend of mine and his lady. We spent a little time catching up, but his lady had me cracking up.

I hope you all had as great of a weekend as I did. Ciao!


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