I think that did it…

So every now and then I get a craving for some good tacos and it seems every time I do, someone wants to do dinner. This time it was Sassy Cali-N-te. So I keep wanting Gringo’s to work for me, but the service keeps disappointing me. So this being the 3rd time, I might be out.

So when I arrived, Sassy was standing inside waiting on me. The hostess asked us if we wanted to sit inside or outside on the deck upstairs. Well seeing that in 3 visits I had not been upstairs because it was full, maybe this was my chance. She told us it shouldn’t be a long wait so we chose to grab a drink at the bar until a table was ready. We grabbed a seat at a bar table, while she went and checked on our table situation upstairs and just started talking. She came back and told us it would be just a few minutes as they were cleaning the table off. After about 5 or 6 minutes we inquired about our table and she said it should be ready and took us upstairs. 
We sat down and looked at each other in confusion because there were several clean empty tables. When our waitress came we ordered our drinks. I just had a vodka-cran and Sassy had the Rio Grande margarita. She loved it!
For dinner I ordered 3 tacos, the bacon cheeseburger, seared shrimp (I think), and the steak. They were good, as expected.

Sassy Cali-N-te, who is a San Diego native and also half Mexican, had the chicken burrito. She was not pleased at all. She said it lacked flavor and just tasted like food wrapped in a tortilla. 
Now let me tell you about the service from our waitress. She was a nice young lady, but not long after we received our food she brought us our check because she had to leave. She also vented to us about how rude some customers can be and told us maybe if we were still there after the meeting at her other job, we could party together. Uhhhh no ma’am, but thanks. She also took this time to let us know they have all day happy hour on Sundays. 
I really want to like this place but in 3 attempts I have found out the food can be hit or miss depending on what you have, the atmosphere is pretty cool, but the service isn’t good. 


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