The highly recommended HUSK-Charleston

So upon me doing research on some great places to eat and asking my friends for suggestions, I heard about Husk and was told to make reservations immediately! So I mentioned it to Captain Seahorse and he said “great” as usual and offered to make the reservations. I said I would do it, but he “played” with the Open Table app and saw the next open dinner reservation was for the following Tuesday! This made me want to check it out even more! I asked, or maybe even told, him to see what he could do for lunch or brunch one day that we were in town. Sunday Bruch made the cut!

Husk is located in an old house on Queen Street in Charleston, South Carolina. 

We arrived a little early for our reservation and checked in with the hostess. She told us it would be a little while, handed us a drink menu and told us to let her know if we needed anything. After reviewing the drink menu, I decided I would just go with a mimosa. A few minutes later she brought it out to me on the porch.

We were soon taken upstairs to our table, where I ordered another mimosa. The waiter gave us a briefing of the menu, which changes daily, and given a few suggestions. 
I ordered a southern classic, shrimp and grits. Well they call it Shrimp and Geechie boy grits with braised tomatoes, corn, okra, sausage and a poached farm egg. It was quite good. I definitely put it in my top 5 shrimp and grits. 

Captain Seahorse went for the HUSK cheeseburger with potato wedges. I don’t remember what all the burger was stuffed with but it was a lot and Captain Seahorse loved it. He’s been talking about it all week, along with the potato wedges. 
The service from the waiter was adequate. I think I would’ve liked for him to be little more attentive. He walked by our table a few times without checking on us and I was out of water, but it wasn’t a big issue.
I definitely recommend HUSK if you are in the Charleston or Nashville area. I strongly recommend making reservations as soon as you decide to go.

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