Weekend Recap

I had an amazing weekend. Saturday morning I went wedding dress shopping with Mrs Brulee and her mom, sister,  and best friend.  It was so much fun. The theme of the morning was “positive-negatives”. So instead of us saying I didn’t like the lady helping us, I would say, “She wasn’t my favorite.” I obviously can’t go into too much detail but we did find a dress. I have also decided that Mama Brulee is my partner in crime at the future wedding events. I also changed my title from usher to bridesman, but my duties did not change.

This is the bell she rang once the decision was made. 

Saturday night we met the Brulees at the Children’s Museum of the Upstate for Grown Ups Night Only. We had a blast. Check out my last post to see our pics and read all about it.

After the children’s museum, Captain Seahorse and I grabbed a little late night grub and drinks at Bacon Brothers. I had a corn dog and we shared an oatmeal créme pie for dessert. It was soooo good-highly recommended.

Sunday, I went to my church and then hit up my family’s church for lunch. It was good to see people I had not seen in a while. I was also able to chat with my cousin. She had me cracking up! She kept saying she needed some aluminum foil to cover her plate or a to-go box. Well her mom over heard her, reached into her purse and brought out a piece of foil from home. Mothers and grandmothers think of it all don’t they! This isn’t something she does regularly. She just brought a piece,  just in case they didn’t have ahy at church.

Sunday night, Captain Seahorse and I went to see We Are the Millers. It was hilarious! Definitely a must see. I have quite the list of movies I’d like to see right now. I think Turbo will be next.

Well I hope your weekend was at least half as amazing as mine. Have a good week and stay dry from this rain!


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