Pigging Out

A couple of weeks ago Mr Homewrecker told me he wanted to go to dinner and to pick some place yummy. I had been wanting to check out Bacon Brothers Public House on Pelham Road for quite some time, especially since my favorite bartender was there. I had also read quite a few great reviews on the place.

Bacon Brothers Public House is a new farm-to-table concept restaurant.  Most of the food, including meat, comes from a farm not too far from the restaurant. They also cure the meats in house and make their own peach wood smoked bacon and beef jerky, which seems to sell out pretty quickly.  The menu is all over the place with items such as bologna sandwiches and ribs to the southern favorite shrimp and grits.

For an appetizer I had the potater tots, tater tots with pulled pork shoulder,  American cheese,  pig ears, and sorghum vinegar.  Not sure I’ve had tater tots with so much flavor.  Mr. Homewrecker had the fried pickles. They were so good!

As an entree, I had the B.E.T sandwich, a delicious with pork belly pastrami, fried duck egg, green tomato, arugala, swiss cheese and green peppercorn mayo. Mr Homewrecker said I melted when I bit into it. Mr Homewrecker had the bologna sandwich,  smoked and fried bologna,  refrigerator pickles, beer mustard and pimento cheese on white bread. He said it was pretty good.

It wouldn’t have been a meal with the two of us without a couple of drinks. I had a drink called the Blue Moon. It was kind of sweet, not my favorite but it was good. Mr. Homewrecker had the Devil’s Rita. He said he liked it.

I cannot wait to go back and try some other things. The ribs on one guy’s plate looked amazing!

Bacon Bros Public House on Urbanspoon


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