Training Day 1

Good day lovely people of the world! I just finished my first workout in about a year. Some of you may say, “well you haven’t worked out in a year, why now?” Welllllll for the past few months I’ve been trying to convince myself to workout but the motivation has not been there. Sorry-just to keep myself healthy and trim doesn’t mesh well with me apparently.

So I caught wind of the Color Vibe 5k coming to Greenville, August 31, 2013. So I figure if I have a “race”, aka goal in which I feel training is required to be “competitive”, then I would be more inclined to exercise. By the way, I put those words in quotes because those are the words I use to psych myself out. So that led to me working out this morning so I can run a 5k in a little over 4 weeks. Eek-sounds awful!
The Color Vibe is a 5k run fundraiser in which people all around the country participate to raise money for a local charity. To my knowledge Greenville’s local charity has not been announced. During the course of the run/walk, the participants go through color zones where they are blasted with color. At the end of the 3.1 mile event there is a dance party and color throw.
For more information check out their website: the Color Vibe Greenville
I think they are looking for volunteers, sponsors and a few people to race me 😊

Over the next few weeks, I will be letting you know how I progress. Today’s workout kicked my behind, but I guess I should’ve expected it. I only did a 15 minute run today followed by an at-home circuit training I found on pinterest (5×50 squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push ups and crunches). I only did 2 sets, which is surprising I got that far. 
Well I hope your week is going well. Happy hump day!

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