Asheville’s Bele Chere

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I definitely did. As you know I had an interesting experience shopping Saturday morning just outside if Asheville at the J Crew warehouse sale. I went home and took a nap, only to return to Asheville a few hours later for Bele Chere.

Bele Chere is Asheville’s music and arts festival and is said to be the largest free arts festival in the southeast. There are food and art vendors set up through out the downtown Asheville area along with about 5 or 6 stages for bands and even a few protesters.

Not long after we started walking in the mass of people, I could see that Lady K had not seen Asheville in its entirety. She told me she had only gone to Biltmore, which doesn’t really give you the artsy, hippie side of Asheville.  She looked sort of amazed. The Christian protesters through us all off a little as well. I wasn’t really sure if they were protesting the actual event or sin. We just kind of kept on walking and looking.

After shuffling our way through the crowd we finally made it to the area named “taste of Asheville”. This area is where local restaurants set up shop for the event as a food vendor. They had BBQ from Moe’s BBQ.  The popular Frankie Bones was there along with a daquari vendor, The Lobster Trap and food trucks. I don’t think any of us were impressed with our food, but it did make time for us to sit and get some quality people watching in.

We didn’t get to check out many art vendors. Although the festival stopped at 10, a lot of the artist closed a little early. We did make our way past 2 stages and to the French Broad chocolate shop. The truffles we bought were so good!

Hopefully the rumors of this being the last Bele Chere aren’t true and we will be back next year!

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