Morning J Crew Madness

So a few weeks ago I heard about this ah-MAZING sale at the J Crew warehouse and I knew I had to be apart of the next one. I told my coworker who told me about it to let me know about the next one. She came through for me Friday letting me know there was one on Saturday, and sending me a link to a blog with general information and tips on the sale.

I wasn’t feeling very well in the latter part of last week, so hitting the road to Asheville in the wee hours of the morning to shop didn’t really tickle my fancy. I got off of work Saturday morning and made the decision to hit the road after a power nap. With the doors opening to the sale starting at 9, I figured if I arrived by 8 I’d be in a descent position in line. 
Well after fighting the rain through the mountains in a sportscar. I made it to the J Crew distribution center about 815 and had a terrible position in line. The line started at the door at one end of the building and wrapped around half of the parking lot. Now one would only wonder if this line was really worth it, but after I thought about the rain I fought to make the hour drive and the prices, I decided I should stay.

This is where I was about an hour before I got in.

It was quite a diverse crowd- college kids, working men and women, stay-at-home moms, you name it they were probably represented and after waiting for 3 hours you better believe we all knew a little something about one another. Yes, I did wait 3 hours before going in. Once I got in I was handed a piece of paper and a trash bag. The paper is pricing info and the bag is to put all of your goodies in.
Now let me tell you, this was one of the most bizarre shopping experiences I think I may have ever had! Picture this: 1 room with tables lines up in rows with cardboard boxes overflowing with J Crew products (shirts, belts, pants, shoes, etc) and about 100 people frantically digging through each box to find pieces they love and in their size. I was told there was a men’s section at the back, which was partially true. The boxes started out and were labeled “men’s bottoms” or “men’s tops” yet I found a few women’s items scattered about. I also realized although that was the “men’s area” a men’s box could be placed anywhere in the warehouse. 

The madness!

I found couple of pairs of khakis, a khaki colored pair of ludlow suit pants, a white Oxford and my big steal of the day was a navy Baywater peacoat, which retails for $255 for $25-be jealous! I also found a pair of white Jack Purcells, which I’ve been meaning to purchase in the last few months anyway. 
Now checking out of this place is a-whole-nother story. I was in line to check out for an hour! It probably would’ve been better if I had a couple of people to laugh and talk to or help try on clothes in line but I didn’t. I actually found my peacoat while I was standing in line but this is when the great art of people watching came into play. I just stood there and watched the employees replenish the boxes that were being emptied, ladies try on dresses, pants and shoes over their spandex because they don’t have fitting rooms and people showing off the treasures they found to the people they were with.
I would definitely do this again but with my Black Friday shopping team, aka my family, or a couple of serious shopper friends. It wasn’t as fun all by myself, plus I was still feeling bad. I would probably arrive earlier or maybe even later in the day, like early afternoon.
After I finished my morning of shopping I hit the road back to Greenville for a couple of hours. Check out my next post to read about my return to Asheville Saturday night.

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