Weekend Recap

I had a pretty low-key weekend.  Saturday, I went to work for a few hours and then attended a cookout for my coworker’s birthday. It was fun, kind of weird seeing coworkers in normal clothes.
Sunday, I went to work fo a few hours and had the whole afternoon.  When I got off work the sun was shinning, so I figured Captain Seahorse and I would do something outdoors. By the time I had lunch and changed clothes the clouds were rolling in.
We decided to just check out the new tex-mex restaurant that just opened up, Chuy’s, since Captain Seahorse had not eaten.
Let me start off by saying, Chuy’s has quite the decor. Upon walking in there is a school of wooden fish above your head and in all sorts of colors. We ended up being seated in a room with hubcaps on the ceiling. I didn’t get to see the rooms in he rest of the restaurant but I’m sure they were interesting as well.
Shortly after being seated a very chipper gal brought us chips and salsa. The salsa was good, better than most mexican places I’ve been to. A little later in the meal she brought us a bowl of the creamy jalepeño sauce. It was good, not hot as one would assume-reminded me of a ranch type of flavor. Even though I was not hungry, I did order a chicken soft taco. It was good, but nothing to really write home about. The sangria was one of the better restaurant sangrias I have had. Captain Seahorse had the chicka chicka boom boom enchiladas. He said it was good-a lot of food though.

We may have to check out Chuy’s again when I am a little hungrier. 

Chuy's on Urbanspoon

The rest of our afternoon and evening consisted of chilling at Captain Seahorse’s apartment and watching tv and drinking wine. Since I work at night during the week, we use the weekend to catch up on our regular shows like Chef Roblé and Co, Tabitha’s Salon Take Over and Resale Royalty.  Most of our shows have ended for the season but Captain Seahorse found us a couple of new shows to watch. We are now adding Deal with it to our weekly mix-check it out!
Well its naptime.  Have a great week!

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