5 on Friday

What a week! It has flown by, no I really think a jet picked up this week and took it on a trip. I just got off of work and didn’t realize it was Friday until I read it on facebook. Insane right? Well since I have established what day it is, I can assume we all know what time it is-5 on Friday!

I came into this week thinking I was going to be working 75 hours. So far I have gotten off early twice from one job and once from the other and I forgot I took half of a night of vacation, which let me get a whole afternoon and evening of sleep!  As much as I love working, self proclaimed workaholic, I still love getting off early and such.


While I was catching up on development gossip in Greenville, I found out DSW is coming! Right off of Haywood Road where Toys ‘R’ Us used to be. A second Chipotle is coming as well. Now I don’t have to fight that end pf Woodruff Road anymore.


So I love to allow my innerchild to come out and play from time to time and when I found out the Children’s Museum of the Upstate is planning another Grown-up’s night out I was ecstatic! It will be on August 17, 2013 at 730.

This made it on this week’s 5 because tickets went on sale this week and are $25 until Sunday! I am actually about to purchase mine after writing this.


As a midweek pick-me-up Captain Seahorse surprised me with flowers in my bag when he bought me ice cream and a cupcake I had been craving. It’s always nice to get suprises.


I had not touched a pool all summer and I finally went swimming Tuesday between my naps. It was just so refreshing to get outside and do something since it wasn’t raining. Of course, a heck of a storm came a couple of hours later.

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