3 months of blogging!

Even though I worked a little last week, my vacation is officially over. In about 2 hours I will hit the ground running into a 75 hour work week-EEK! It’s really not as bad as it sounds, I just get a kick out of making it sound awful. 

It was a great vacation and to bring it to an end and celebrate exactly 3 months of blogging yesterday, I went to brunch with a couple of friends, the Brûlées to be exact. Marilyn said she wanted something different so I thought why not bring this 3 months back full circle and go to Southern Culture Kitchen and Bar.
It was still as fantastic as I remembered and the menu had even expanded a little bit. Marilyn said she loved the atmosphere.
I ordered the salmon potato cakes, which they were out of last time. They were soooo good-salmon paties with pieces of potatoes served with their goat cheese grits and an egg.
Alexander had a chicken and waffle sandwich, which looked phenomenal. The chicken was fried and sandwiched between a waffle with lettuce, tomato and onion. He loved it. 
Marilyn had the crab cakes Benedict if I remember correctly. It looked great as well-two crab cakes on an open English muffin with a deep fried hard boiled egg. He had the egg hard boiled because she didn’t want it to run when she cut it open. She loved it and said she couldn’t wait to come back for another meal.
It was a great way to end my vacation and catch up with friends, especially with the $12 bottomless mimosas. 
I hope you all have a splendid week. I will try to make sure I post some.

2 responses to “3 months of blogging!

  1. Congrats on three months – keep it up. New to your site, I see you've made quite a dent on the Greenville restaurant scene… Always nice to “meet” a fellow Greenville blogger!


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