The W’s hit Brown County

This morning Captain Seahorse and I rode back to Columbus with Mr and Mrs “W” to meet up with “the girls” and check out Brown County,  Indiana- Nashville, Indiana to be a little more specific. On the way to Columbus I was able to catch up on quite a few family stories from when Captain Seahorse was younger.

Above: field of corn on the way to Columbus-apparently the saying is “knee high by the 4th of July” which means a good harvest is on the way

We were all a little worried it was going to rain, but it ended up being a little warm with the sun shining bright. The weather was actually pretty perfect to spend the day outside. Nashville is known for it’s historic buildings housing crafty shops, ice cream parlors, and restaurants. It is also a pretty good place for people watching.
Everyone was a little hungry upon arrival to Nashville, so one of our first stops was Fearrin Ice Cream-Yogurt Depot, an ice cream parlor in the middle of Nashville, to grab a quick snack to hold us over to a larger meal. The ice cream parlor apparently had a busy day because they were out of a few flavors, like peach, which both Captain Seahorse and I both wanted. I had the butter pecan in a cup. It was quite good. 
Fearrin's Ice Cream & Yogurt Depot on Urbanspoon

After ice cream, we did a little shopping. Nashville has all kinds of shops from women’s clothing shops to leather goods and glass objects made in-store. We also checked out a store for the Brown County Winery. They have free wine tastings. We tried about 4 or 5 wines. I didn’t really care for ahy of them, but I saw a few people leave with a couple when I was standing outside later.

We all headed to Jimmy Carino’s back in Columbus for dinner. Carino’s boast a country italian menu with items such as lasagna, lobster ravioli, parmesan chicken, and baked cheese tortellini. They also have a drink special every night. Tonight was $4 bellinis.
I had the chicken gorgonzola.  It was just ok. I did feel it was a little over-priced considering the amount of chicken it had. There were only a few pieces and they were sliced very thin. Captain Seahorse had the lobster ravioli. He said his was just ok as well. It had a lot of sauce and agreed his was a little over-priced.

Carino's Italian | Columbus on Urbanspoon

Overall, I had a good day. I am glad I was able to spend time with the whole “W” clan.
Well its off to bed I go-long day tomorrow.

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