Hello Midwest!

We finally made it to Lafayette, Indiana, after a the second major stop in Columbus, Indiana to see “the girls”, Captain Seahorse’s sister and nieces.

Upon arriving in Lafayette, we headed straight to Arni’s to meet Mr and Mrs “W” and Chief Shazaam and his family for dinner, where the slogan is “meet me at Arni’s”. 
Arni’s is a Lafayette tradition. It actually consist of three different dining areas, the traditional dining room, the toy room, and the loading dock. The loading dock looks like you are in a construction/loading zone and has a bar. The menu at Arni’s ranges from pizza, salads and submarine sandwiches to strombolies and burgers. Pizza, the Arni’s jr (a salad), and submarines seem to be the favorites.

Captain Seahorse and I shared a large deluxe pizza. The deluxe comes with sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and peppers. Captain Seahorse kept telling me the pizza was different than any other I had before. I guess that meant the pizza being the normal pie shape, but cut into squares. It was pretty good, I usually eat ranch with my pizza and it kind of threw the flavor of the pizza off. 
Service was a little slow. Our waitress seemed to be the only one in The Loading Dock, but the food was good. Definitely worth future visits.

Arni's on Urbanspoon

After dinner, Captain Seahorse took me on a miniature tour of Lafayette as we headed to the “W’s” house. The main stop of the tour was a stop at his elementary school. Unfortunately, the building is now a furniture showroom, which could definitely use a little touching up. I had heard stories about a fireslide that always ripped the kids clothes. 

Great trip so far. I am looking forward to tomorrow. 

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