Weekend Recap

So, I was a little tired Saturday night, but I told a co-worker last week that I would swing by his bar, The Pretty Pearl, in Mauldin, SC.

The Pretty Pearl, is located on Main Street/Laurens Road, in Mauldin, South Carolina. It is a small lounge, complete with a bar, DJ, kitchen serving late night favorites such as chicken fingers and wings. There seemed to be a mixed crowd of older and younger African Americans, homosexual and heterosexual.

Saturday night, The Pretty Pearl was celebrating its anniversary and the launch of Ciroc Ameretto, Ciroc’s newest flavor. It was so nice to hang out with some of my coworkers. I was not up for much drinking, as I had done so much the night before. Captain Seahorse was suppose to come but did not make it. I still had a great time, going to have to check things out on a normal night.


Father’s Day, of course!
I went to church and made reservations at a new steakhouse in downtown Greenville, named Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza, for a brunch with my daddy, Smooth Jim. I had a livingsocial for this restaurant and needed to use it before it expired and I figured “why not try a new place with my pops”, plus my trusty Urbanspoon did not give raving reviews on dinner here, so I thought I’d give them a chance to show me what they were made of at brunch.

Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza is located just off of Main Street in the center downtown Greenville at Piazza Bergamo. The restaurant used to be a very popular bar, The Gathering Spot, but was closed and turned into this steakhouse. The isn’t quite what I expected, very nice hardwood floors, grey walls and these lights that look like the belong in a cave or construction site. The brunch menu boast of items such as vanilla yogurt parfait and New England clam chowder as starters to twist on breakfast favorites such as waffles and pancakes as entrees along with a burger and country fried steak. Of course no southern brunch would be complete without shrimp and grits added to the menu and $3 mimosas. 

Like I said before, I read a few not so raving reviews before dining about dinner, but I had not heard anything about brunch. So I did go in with an open mind. We were a little late to our reservation, but when we arrived the hostess was thrilled to see us walk in the door. She said we were her last reservation, which meant she got cut until dinner reservations at 4. The restaurant was not very crowded, maybe 5 tables were taken-give or take one or two. We were asked where we would like to sit, since the restaurant was not busy we had a choice of almost any table or booth we liked. Smooth Jim and I both said it didn’t matter, so she sat us in a booth along the far wall. 
The waitress came shortly after and we both ordered mimosas. I was a little disappointed they did not have St. Germain to add to my mimosa, as I can usually count on my higher-end establishments to carry it. She brought back a basket of what I thought were biscuits, but were scones. I ordered the Seafood Omelet, which is an omelet with shrimp and scallops served with fresh fruit and cheese grits. Smooth Jim had the steak and eggs scrambled with cheese, which were also served with fries and fresh fruit. I decided to try one of these scones, while waiting on our entrees. They were kind of hard, not very warm and served with cinnamon on top-jam and butter were provided on the side.

Before the waitress brought our food out, she came over and said, “I was just checking to see if you need anymore scones.” My dad replied, “Stones?” Seeing that he had not eaten his, it was a bit ironic he called them stones and they were as hard as they were. This is when I found out they were not biscuits, maybe its that they weren’t in a triangular shape or maybe I’m just a bit ignorant for not have eaten scones before. In any case, I just told her no thank you. Our food came out not too long after. My seafood omelet was just ok-nothing to write home about at all. The fruit was good and the grits weren’t my favorite. Smooth Jim said his steak and eggs were pretty good. He didn’t touch his fries, not sure why.

I don’t think this meal would have been worth it, had it not been for the Livingsocial deal I had.

  Rare Steakhouse on the Piazza on Urbanspoon
The rest of my Sunday afternoon was spent at home doing a little cleaning and dinner later with Captain Seahorse at The Cazbah. We had a much better experience this time.
 Oh! I bet you are wondering if I got Smooth Jim a gift! I sure did a bottle of Coach Men’s Cologne.
 I hope you all had a great weekend!

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  1. a little update to your post…they do have St. Germaine and those were definitely biscuits not scones. The seafood omelet is not one of my favorites either but they do have some really good food and maybe you should give them another try.


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