5 on Friday!!

Well it’s Friday and time for the 5 on Friday! I’ve actually enjoyed this series. So, here we go!


The Blue Ridge BBQ and Music Festival is this weekend. Seeing that Captain Seahorse and I had the day off today we took a trip to Tryon, NC to check it out.

I got a temporary promotion yesterday at work. I kind of saw it coming but it still excites me, especially since I’m going to be off for two weeks in a few weeks. PERFECT TIMING!!

Still on the subject of work, my DM (district manager) came to town yesterday, and while we thought she had it out for us it wasn’t a terrible visit. The reason this excites me so, is we did an exercise giving each person a recognition and a piece of constructive criticism. I was the only one not in a position of management, so of course it was weird telling my 3 bosses you need to do better at this. It was a good exercise, no one left in tears and I still have a job. 

Last night I went to World Market and bought a bottle of Bogle red blend wine-not the official name, but that’s what it was. It was fairly cheap, $8.99, but that’s not the thing I’m excited about. I found these cute little bowties that go around the neck of the wine bottles!

Of course with it being Father’s Day weekend I have to include my daddy! He’s quite a wonderful man! I seem to have taken on quite a few his traits, which explains why I’m such a fantastic man.
Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there!

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