5 on Friday

So I did one of these a few weeks ago and said I’d try to do it at least once a month. So here we go.


This week Captain Seahorse had 3 days in a row off, which is very unlikely, so we took advantage of this and did an overnight getaway to Asheville. It was a much needed vacation. We forgot we were only an hour away from home.


While we were in Asheville we had to make a trip to Urban Outfitters, because there isn’t one in Greenville. While there, Captain Seahorse surprised me with this mason jar tumbler and I bought these fantastic sunglasses. 


It is finally June! The countdown to vacation has begun to the 1st week of July. We are headed to Lafayette, Indiana to stay with Captain Seahorse’s family for a week. This my first time meeting the “W’s” and visiting Indiana, so I’m quite excited and nervous. 


This one isn’t really about me, but it makes me soooo happy! I have so many friends reach milestones in their lives. The Brulees have finally got the ball rolling on their wedding, and I am going to be in it-I love weddings! Babies are on the way! And, Mr. Homewrecker finally has a full-time teaching job!

*My friends don’t mind being in my blog, I just give them these weird names to make it a little more interesting. 🙂

It is Friday! That should make us all excited! The weekend is finally here!

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