Rat Pack dining

Captain Seahorse and I love to eat and try new places, especially when we are out of town. We try to avoid chains as much as possible. So I often do research on restaurants before we go out of town. During my research for Asheville, I found Frankie Bones Restaurant and Lounge.

Frankie Bones is located in Asheville, NC, just off of Hendersonville Road. It gives you the feel of a 1960’s lounge with its dark walls and leather booths. The menu at Frankie Bones ranges from Vegetarian items to lobster macaroni and cheese to steak and seafood with daily specials on drinks.
Captain Seahorse had the Parmesan crusted trout with asparagus and rice. This was not what he ordered but he decided to eat it anyway. He wasn’t impressed. He actually said, “I can take or leave this. She could actually take my plate from me and I wouldn’t be mad.” I considered testing this by paying the waitress to just come take his plate but decided not to. I ordered the bone-in porkchop with sweet potatoes and collard greens. The porkchop was good, not anything spectacular though. I did like the sweet potatoes. The collard greens weren’t anything to write home about.
We both agreed it was just an average meal with our drinks added, it was a bit pricey. 

Frankie Bones Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

So question readers: Captain Seahorse and I started a discussion about whether we were drinking out of cups or glasses. He says the tall one is a glass, the short one is a cup. I think the words are interchangeable in this case. What do you think?

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