I’m a French chef!

So after a weekend of heartache,  because there was so much going on in Greenville and I had the night off, but just went out to dinner, I decided not to post a weekend report.

WEEKEND SUMMARY: Captain Seahorse and I attempted to go to dinner at oneof my favorite restaurants in Greenville, The Cazbah. The service was terrible! The waiter was just so slow and seeing that I wasn’t in the best of moods, it just wasn’t a good night. We left and had dinner at Nose Dive-nothing impressionable.


I bring to you a post to make up for this missing this weekend. Captain Seahorse somehow finagled 3 days in a row off at the sametime as my 2 days off. We decided to use a groupon we had for Ma Belle France in Asheville, North Carolina and spend a little time away.

Ma Belle France means “my beautiful France”. It is a where Ghislaine (pronounced gay-lean, for those who would like the phonetics), instructs her French cooking classes for kids and adults. Each class has a different menu with seasonal items. Ghislaine also does French culinary tours with her company, children’s cooking camps, and private parties at her facility or your house. 

Our class was composed of many different types of people, mainly women, from novice cooking skills to people we might as well classofy professional. Everyone gets to participate no matter the skill level. 

We made a cheese souffle, lamb navarin with spring vegetables (a stew), and triple berry sorbet.

At the end of your class you get to eat the fantastic food you learned to cook.

Ghislaine loves to make her students laugh. She cracked Captain Seahorse and me up the whole class. She takes her time and makes sure everyone understands the cooking processes. It is a very fun class and the food is delicious once finished. By the time we finished, Captain Seahorse and I had a few new cooking trips, great new recipes, and a few new friends.


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