Friday 5!

So a fellow blogger, April of A. Liz Adventures,  has presented a “challenge”, if you will, to blog about 5 things that make me happy this Friday.  She has done this on her page and now it is my turn.

Every 3 weeks, at least for the moment, I get 5 days, or nights in my case, off from my full-time job. Usually this does excite me, but this weekend,  I’m a little more excited than usual. I generally get the day before a holiday off, instead of the actual holiday. So I actually get to spend this weekend with my family and friends, instead of rushing to work.

Earlier this week, I celebrated a full month of blogging! Yay me! I started this “project” because I needed something to do outside of my norm. I have had a lot of fun so far and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

This kind of goes with #1. I somehow lucked up and got a whole Saturday off and so did Captain Seahorse.  So for the 1st time in a long time, we have a whole Saturday together. We originally planned to hang out downtown Greenville for a good chunk of the day-Saturday Market and Greenville History and Culinary tour, but the tour is booked. I have to find another fun adventure for us.

Sunday, I ordered this fantastic mason jar drink dispenser from World Market. I received an email Monday that it was on backorder.  Yesterday it arrived! So that was the start of this fantastic weekend. I plan on making sangria, so Captain Seahorse and I have something fantastic to drink with whatever I get him to grill for us.

It would’ve been my grandma’s 92nd birthday today. She died last year on my birthday and although I miss her a great deal, I know she is still looking out for me daily and in a better place.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! (I wonder if she subscribes to my blog ???)

Well that about does it for my Friday 5! I wonder if I should make this a regular thing-say once a month. Something to think about…good day and have a fun, yet safe weekend.

2 responses to “Friday 5!

  1. I have an almost identical drink dispenser … aren't they awesome?

    I'm so sorry that you lost your grandmother but I know you have so many great memories of her sweet self. And, of course she reads your blog! 🙂

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  2. Oh, I LOVE when things unexpectedly ship earlier! That always happens to me with Rugs USA.

    And that drink dispenser is TOO CUTE!

    Thanks for linking up. Have a wonderful long weekend! 🙂


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