The fruits of our labor!

You can always tell when it is spring and summertime here in South Carolina-shorts and flip flops come out, people seem to flood downtown Greenville and farmers are trying to sell their produce by any means necessary, most commonly farmer’s markets and off of the back of the truck in a parking lot. While going to visit the farmers at the market or their make shift stand is one of the easiest ways to get fresh fruit and vegetables,  Captain Seahorse and I opted for a different route to get fresh strawberries for the past 2 years- going to a U-pick strawberry patch. That’s right we picked our own strawberries. 

This year we visited Sandy Flat Berry Patch in Taylors, SC. Sandy Flat is located just outside of Greer, SC headed towards the Blue Ridge Mountains. They have plenty of pre-picked strawberries just waiting for people to buy them at $8 per basket (I think that’s correct). The guy said they had just been picked this morning. They also have boiled peanuts for sale. I wasn’t interested in those so I didn’t get the price. We chose to pick our own strawberries for the $9 each, $8 if you bring your own container.

We drove down the hill to the strawberry patch, where we had been pre-warned to pick from the middle by the man that worked there. He said most people get out of their cars and pick from the edges first. Captain Seahorse and I walked straight to the middle of the field and started our hunt for strawberries.  Walking side by side on two separate rows we weren’t having much luck. I then told Captain Seahorse to go over to the corner of the patch where there weren’t any people. He did and I went the opposite direction about 3 rows and we both hit the jackpot. Within 10 to 15 minutes we both had our baskets full of strawberry goodness!

Of course, since we have more strawberries than 2 can handle in a sitting or two we are planning to make a few things with the fruits of our labor. Sangria is a must and possibly a cake. Captain Seahorse has suggested strawberry wine.

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