From soil to city to tummy- Roost

So, Captain Seahorse and I were asked to check out one of Greenville’s newest restaurants, Roost. I, as well as Mrs. UPS, had heard and read mixed reviews on the restaurant, so I was happy to find out for myself what the deal on this restaurant was.

Roost is located on Main Street in downtown Greenville in NOMA square at the Hyatt. The restaurant is a farm-to-table, or soil-to-city concept, which means the restaurant stays in contact with the farmers from which they receive their products. Our waiter informed us most of the goods used are from places within a 400 mile radius. The menu ranges from chips and queso as an appetizer to pork chop and various vegetarian dishes.

Roost has a very cool atmosphere and vibe. The bar area opens up to an outside patio facing Main street, the other side of the restaurant is overlooking the lobby and atrium of the Hyatt hotel. There are wooden panels covering the walls giving the restaurant a very rustic feel.

Upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by a host and a guy I believe was the manager. The manager took us to our table in the middle of the restaurant and we were told our waiter would be with us shortly. Our waiter came, explained the restaurant’s soil-to-city concept introduced himself and took our drink orders. I had the sangria and Captain Seahorse just had water. The sangria was not very good, it didn’t taste like anything. We also ordered the queso chili fondu (chips and queso) for an appetizer. I wasn’t impressed.  The cheese had more of a taco flavor because of the beef and seasonings added than I would have liked.

After debating between the sustainable fish, which was amberjack, and the pork chop. I ordered the pork chop with boozed baked beans and collard greens. The collard greens were great! They had great flavor, unlike the beans, which didn’t taste like much of anything. The pork chop had a descent flavor and was charred on the outside.  It was also a little tough to cut in places. I don’t think i have ever eaten amberjack and after i heard it tasted like mahi from our waiter, and then grouper from the next table’s waiter, I decided to take a raincheck.Captain Seahorse had the wild mushroom raviolis. The ravioli looked to be stuffed with cheese and mushrooms and had mushrooms on top as well. He said it was very good.

Location, ambiance, and decor are all excellent at Roost. The food didn’t meet my expectations as a whole. Vegetarian dishes seem to be the hit there, since Captain Seahorse enjoyed his food and so did other reviewers. I don’t think we will be returning anytime soon.

Mrs UPS- I hope this helped you! 🙂

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2 responses to “From soil to city to tummy- Roost

  1. I am so excited to get a shout-out from the Southern Fellow! Yay! This place has such a great location and the bar opening up to Main Street is awesome! Hopefully they will step up the food! I could sure down some of that Mushroom Ravioli! Keep up the good work!


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