Oooooh Cupcakes! !

So last week I was asked by a coworker for a good place to get cupcakes. My first suggestion was Publix, then I asked myself, “what are you doing? You wouldn’t get cupcakes from Publix.” Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a grocery store cupcake, they just aren’t my go to for cupcakes or just about any specialty sweet/dessert for that matter. So I made suggestions I would actually use and now I am sharing them with you.

My first suggestion is Iced. Iced is my favorite cupcake boutique in the Greenville area. It is located in Taylors off of Wade Hampton Boulevard. Although Iced changes the cupcake flavors carried in store daily, you can always count on them serving Very Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet in the mini amd standard size cupcakes. One of my favorite flavors from their specialty list is pink lemonade, which is usually offered during the spring and summer months , but is available for special order anytime. Iced has great customer service and makes fantastic cupcakes. Check out their facebook page or website for a list of specialty flavors and flavors of the day.

Iced- The Upstate Cupcake Cafe on Urbanspoon

My second suggestion is Couture Cakes of Greenville. Couture Cakes is my go to for cupcakes because it is closer to my house. Although Couture Cakes specializes in cake baking, cupcakes are available for order and walk-in purchases. Couture Cakes is located on Miller Rd, behind Frankie’s fun park in Greenville. They have white, chocolate and marble cupcakes on the menu daily along with a specialty flavor or two. I recently discovered they also have cake truffles. They are DELICIOUS! I bought Captain Seahorse a strawberry one Friday. He hates cakepops, but thought these were good.

Couture Cakes of Greenville on Urbanspoon

Suggestion number three is Chocolate Moose. Chocolate Moose is located in downtown Greenville on Main Street. It is the sister store to Cupcake in Charleston, SC. Vanilla, chocolate and red velvet are on their daily menu along with a few daily specialty cupcakes. They also have other desserts available daily. Valentine’s Day 2012, Captain Seahorse got me a small cake. The cupcakes at Chocolate Moose are a little different than most cupcakes because they are very dense and STACKED with frosting-great for aesthetics not so easy to eat.

The Chocolate Moose on Urbanspoon

My fourth and last suggestion is Strossner’s Bakery on Roper Mountain Rd. Strossner’s carries a variety of sweets, sandwiches, breads, salads amd soups daily. A few years ago I visited Strossner’s at least once a week to get my cupcake fix. The fondant cupcakes are pretty good and nice to look at. They also carry strawberry, red velvet and a few other flavors of cupcakes. If you ever get the chance, check out the fondant iced cookies-better than the cupcakes.

I also told my coworker I would suggest The Buttercream Bakehouse in Mauldin, but they have poor customer service and I don’t like dealing with them any longer. When they first opened they carried a variety of cupcakes, but never labeled them. The workers seemed to have a problem letting me know what they offered on a few different occasions. Captain Seahorse also had this problem. My last time visiting, about 3 weeks ago, I wanted to use a groupon that was about to expire. I was told when I was about to order groupons were not taken until after 2pm, which was not on my groupon anywhere, unless it was in in the teeny tiny print that was passed the small print. Needless to say I did not use my groupon, which is terrible because I do think they have great cupcakes.

Those are my suggestions on where to find great cupcakes in the Greenville area. Check them out!

One response to “Oooooh Cupcakes! !

  1. Iced has become the cupcake to which all others are to be judged by my wife and I. It's just too bad we live in Columbia now as all others we have tried are found to be substandard.


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