Drinks and lobster cigars for a good cause- Cocktails with friends

After leaving Cork and Tap,  it was on to the next event of the night “Cocktails with friends” at The Cazbah-Greenville.  Yes, I know we were at The Cazbah last week, but 1 it is one of our favorite spots and 2 this was an event we didn’t want to miss. We were invited to this event by one of Captain Seahorse’s friends, and because I am out to become a socialite we agreed to take part.

“Cocktails with friends” is kind of a pre-party to the Red Party. All proceeds from both parties go to AidUpstate, which is the center for HIV and AIDS here in the upstate. $25+ donations got you drinks and hors d’oeuvres. $50+ donations got you a ticket into the party, May 4, 2013.

Upon arrival we were taken upstairs, where there was CLEARLY a party goin on. There were people everywhere!  Captain Seahorse ran into quite a few people he knew. I on the other hand, only recognized a couple of faces. We had a glass of wine and then went to the bar downstairs to get liquor and get away from all of the madness upstairs.  After chatting at the bar for a little while we went back upstairs for the giveaways. Somehow we missed the giving out of the tickets, so once again we didn’t win anything.

Captain Seahorse decided we should go somewhere else and we ended up at Redfin. They had 1/2 priced bottles of wine and martinis after 9. We got our drinks fairly quickly compared to previous experiences at Redfin.  Captain Seahorse had a Mia Mango martinis and I had a peach-tini. My drink was, eehhhhh, ok. Captain Seahorse’s was delish! 

As you can see, this weekend was off to quite a festive start and shall be one for the books. Stay tuned as we are headed to Carowinds today, possibly the Reedy River Duck Derby and the Red Party tomorrow, and the grand opening of Gringos for Cinco de Mayo.


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