I Need Salmon Patties!

So while I often enjoy dining in pretty fancy places, I can’t help but want a good ole’ southern meal every once in a while. I got off of work this morning craving salmon patties and there is only one restaurant that I know of that serves these for breakfast, OJ’s Diner.

OJ’s Diner is a local eatery located just outside of downtown Greenville in Wear Greenville off of Pendleton Street. They serve breakfast and lunch at the Greenville location. Their newly opened Easley location serves lunch and dinner. The breakfast menu typically includes SALMON PATTIES, bacon, scrambled eggs with and without cheese, grits with and without cheese, biscuits and a few other items. Pancakes and French toast are available upon special request. Lunch menu changes everyday with specials, but fried chicken and whiting is served daily.

Upon arriving, Captain Seahorse was a little nervous he would be the only white guy there. His nerves were quickly calmed after we got inside and he realized there was a pretty diverse crowd inside.

We stood at door for a few minutes, taking in our surroundings and trying to figure out exactly how the process worked, as there were no signs that said “order here”. After figuring out that it was kind of cafeteria style we went through the line and ordered our food. I got the scrambled eggs with cheese, grits and, of course, a SALMON PATTY! It was delicious! Captain Seahorse had bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and a SALMON PATTY. He said it was good, only complaint was it could have been warmer.

I will definitely be back for my Salmon Patties and I will have to try their lunch .

OJ's Diner on Urbanspoon

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