A highly anticipated lunch- Rick’s Deli & Market

I have been trying to make it to Rick’s Deli and Market since it opened in February, and have been really pushing it for the last 2 weeks. After 3 unsuccessful attempts to go with Captain Seahorse, I finally decided to go on my own while he was working.

Rick’s Deli and Market is located in downtown Greenville on Camperdown Way across from Hampton Inn at Riverplace. It is a new concept from the Rick Erwin Dining Group, the same group that runs Rick Erwin’s West End Grill and Nantucket Seafood. The restaurant is a higher end deli serving salads, sandwiches, quiche and an assortment of macaroons during lunch hours with a few additional entrees, such as seared scallops and Maine lobster, for dinner. They also have bottles of wine for sale.

I had the Southern Chicken Salad sandwich with fries and a sweet tea. The sandwich was good, but did not wow me. The fries on the other hand were FANTASTIC! Seeing that Captain Seahorse was going to a little upset I went to Rick’s without him, I did grab him something to go. Captain Seahorse had the California Reuben with potato salad and sweet tea. He said it was wonderful. The sandwich had a sweet taste to it, which is unusual for a reuben according to him.

I will definitely be returning in future, hopefully with Captain Seahorse for dinner or on the way to the park for a picnic.

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