Manic Monday- yes I know very original

So it’s Monday, everyone’s favorite day of the week. It’s usually the beginning of the week for most, the end of the weekend for me. Unfortunately, I started this blog in the middle of the weekend or else you’d have more to read about this amazing time away from work. Anyway, forward with the night… Captain Seahorse has a group of friends he hangs out with kind of regularly, golf buddies to be exact. Monday nights they attend Music Trivia at City Tavern in downtown Greenville. Just your typical bar-t.v.’s usually broadcasting sports, bar food, loud-mouth guys and of course alcohol and lots of it. They differ from most downtown Greenville bars because they have premixed daquiries, or alcoholic slushies. I hear they are delightful but I’ve never had one myself. We did attend Music Trivia, along with Captain Seahorse’s friends, “Mr and Mrs Redcard”. Captain Seahorse’s other pal, “Mr  Suave”, couldn’t make it unfortunately. Captain Seahorse and Mr Recard still gave me plenty of laughs with stories of the past and of their visit to the Masters on Thursday. A great time was had by all, as usual. Following Music Trivia, Captain Seahorse was in search of his new favorite drink, St. Germain + gin + club soda with a lemon. NO ONE had been able to recreate the drink he had at the Cazbah. Captain Seahorse also decided he was hungry, and should fix his sushi craving he has had ALL weekend. Soooo to Sushi Murasaki we went. Now, just so you know Captain Seahorse just started eating sushi 2 months ago and now wants it every other week. He discovered the secret is cream cheese. Sushi Murasaki is a fantastic sushi restaurant on main street in downtown Greenville. I’m not sure I’d name it my “favorite” sushi restaurant, but its kind of my go-to. Great sushi and service. Tonight I had the “Bagel” roll with a vodka-cran to drink. The Bagel roll is smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado.  Captain Seahorse got the [oh shoot! I forgot what it is called, but it ends with “boy”] roll. He thought it was great! He was also able to get his drink and it was made just like the one at the Cazbah. So of course, Ms Thing (bartender, didn’t get her name) was deemed his favorite bartender. The night was not quite over, we needed 1 more drink to end this “Manic Monday”! We took a short little walk to DT’s. One of our favorite bars in downtown Greenville, mainly because it pretty “friendly”. This is actually the bar where Captain Seahorses decided we should date. Billy, the bartender, was holding things down by himself tonight. Not much of a crowd tonight but then again it Monday. Thursday nights the bar is usually playing a variety of music and crowded with college kids. You can expect a pretty good crowd on Friday and Saturday nights as well. Well I have a long day tomorrow, sleep is needed. Until next time! P.S. sorry it’s so long and I obviously just made it longer with this Sushi Murasaki on Urbanspoon

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