Grits, omelets and mimosas

Restaurant Review Southern Culture kitchen and bar-Brunch So, I’m always up for some good food, especially from restaurants I haven’t tried. Today, Captain Seahorse (my other half) and I visited Southern Culture for brunch. I heard it was good, but I was sold on the place when I heard $12 bottomless mimosas! I had the Down South Omelet with a side of goat cheese grits. It was pretty good, but I was not overly impressed. Captain Seahorse had Fried Crab Cakes Benedict. It looked delish and he ate all of it, left maybe a crumb or two. I did not take them up on the bottomless mimosas but I did have 2 mimosas. The first just good ole champagne and OJ and the 2nd I added St. Germain. I’m not sure if it is a every Sunday thing, but they did have live music today. Nikki Talley was in from Asheville, NC. She was cute, a little loud for Captain Seahorse-but he’s getting older. Well that about does it for my first restaurant review. I forgot to take picture, but I will make sure I do it next time! Southern Culture on Urbanspoon

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